Should I Remove It?


Remove the programs you don't need


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Should I Remove It? Is a small great application that analyses all the programs that we have installed on our computer and contrasts it with a complete data base of millions of users to recommend us which ones to uninstall.

You just have to run the application and you will see the list of programs organized by percentage of elimination, which is no more than the percentage of users that having had this program installed, have decided to uninstall it.

In this way, it will help us with the decision about which programs we want to remove to clean our hard drive, always taking into account our particular needs.

We will be able to eliminate the programs directly from the application, so it´s not only an information tool but it also facilitates the work.

If we find ourselves with a program we don´t know, we only have to click on the button `What is it?´ and we will be directed to a website with information about the program, its functionalities, files it installs on our hard drive, user statistics... Sadly everything is in English, although it´s not necessary to understand the most important information like the statistics.

There´s no doubt it´s a small but great application that will help us to optimize our hard drive and eliminate programs that only disturb.
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